This website, which has been developed by former pupils of the Southern Grammar School for Boys, Portsmouth (Old Secundrians), records the history of the school from its inception in 1888 until 1975 when, under UK government reforms, it became a comprehensive school.

Our aim is to develop the site using contributions from many former pupils and staff - not just one or two individuals - and we seek your active involvement in this respect; there is more about that in the Old Secundrians and Contributors sections. Having found your way to the site we very much hope that you will now take the next step by getting involved and let us have your contribution.

See details of the whole site on the "Site Map" page. To navigate to any particular Section just click on the button at the top of the Home page. Sub-sections can be found by clicking on the links within each main Section page (eg to get to Headmasters just click on the “People” link in the Home page and then on “Headmasters” in the People page). To return to the Home page just click on “Home” at the top of each page.

This site is an updated version from that previously produced by Hector McNeil ( the Association is extremely grateful for the time, effort and advice that Hector has given and also the server space that he provides). We hope that visitors to the site will enjoy it and provide us with feedback on your likes and dislikes as well as advising where any errors appear.

Notices and Recent/Forthcoming Events

* Change to the Old Secundrians pages. Please note that due to the increasing size of the Old Secundrians dinner etc page we have now split this into three separate pages. The first focuses on the latest dinner, the second on past dinners and the third on other events of general interest. Furthermore, we now have an "Obituaries" section where members can record their thoughts regarding those who have passed away. Finally, we have recently (autumn 2011) substantially updated the World War 1 Obituaries page
Annual dinner 2013. Yet another highly successful event was held at the Brookfield Hotel, Emsworth, on Friday 10th May. All tickets were sold and the dinner was attended by 130 members. Once again, we were delighted to welcome ladies to their event as well. Images of the occasion now appear on the Old Secundrians 2013 dinner page.
* Annual dinner 2014 Subject to final confirmation this will be held on Friday 9th May at the Brookfield Hotel. Invitations that wil be sent out a couple of months before the event. We expect a full house once again.

* Compton Organ. The very good news is that we have found an organ restorer who will be removing the Compton organ from the Baffins site in the summer of 2013 and will be looking to relocate it (probably in a church). We shall keep you posted on developments.

Website.  We are keen to develop the alumni part of the site (see "Where are they now?" in the People Section) where Old Secundrians can record their own details. We also want to receive anecdotes (which will be censored!!) of memories of staff, pupils and events from the past Remember, the success of the site is dependent upon participation from the many rather than the few providing their details. We are eager to receive new material for inclusion on the site now that most of our current material has been included - see "Become a contributor" below

* Year groups. Various year groups will be organizing their own ad hoc get-togethers during the course of the year.

* Notices. If any Old Secundrian wishes to include a suitable notice on the Message Board please contact Peter Higgins (see Contacts)

Ongoing work

This site remains "work in progress" with further material being added as and when it is contributed. So keep a regular eye open for new material.

Become a contributor

In order to improve the content of this site we rely upon information supplied by former staff and pupils of the school. We warmly welcome contributions in the form of written material, documentation and photographs for use on this site. We particularly welcome details of the names of pupils and staff appearing in images, feedback calling attention to missing details on any section as well as pointing out any inaccuracies. If you are able to contribute something (see Contributors) please contact Peter Higgins - see Contacts. Remember, the site is only as good as the contributions that are made to it.  Please remember, this is your site. We hope you will enjoy it - and ensure that others who may be interested are made aware of it.

Peter Higgins
Webmaster & former Chairman, Old Secundrians Association




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