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This page consists of a “map” to help you navigate around the site. We hope you will find it useful.

To navigate to any particular Section just click on the button at the top of the Home page. Sub-sections can be found by clicking on the links within each main Section page (eg to get to Headmasters just click on the “People” link in the Home page and then on “Headmasters” in the People page). To return to the Home page just click on “Home” at the top of each page.

Home Page -
the opening & introduction page to the site (Home)

Message Board - Messages regarding recent and forthcoming events plus changes which have been made to the site recently. Old Secundrians can also leave their own messages on this page sent via Peter Higgins - (see Contacts)

School ( School )   - An introduction to the School's history followed by sub-sections on:

* How did it all start?  (The Start)
* Titles (Titles)
* School Badges  (Badges)
Buildings  (Buildings)
* Entrance methods, examinations and fees  (Entance)
* Sample examination papers (Exam papers)
* The School in 1963 (School 1963)

People (People) - A general introduction to the people (staff and pupils) followed by sub-sections on:

Headmasters (Headmasters)
Roll of Honour for those who lost their lives in conflict (Roll of Honour)
* World War 1 Obituaries of former pupils (Pages 1 and 2) (WW1 Obituaries)
The Senate (Senate)
* Former Pupils (Pages 1, 2 and 3) (Pupils)

* Former Staff (Pages 1, 2 and 3) (Staff)
* Academic Honours and some former pupils (Academic Honours and Former Pupils
*  Pupils' & Staff memories (Memories)
* Where are they now? (an opportunity to add your details). NB Section is split into several sections (People)
*  Obituaries (Obituaries)

* List of current members (Members)

The Old Secundrians (Old Secundrians) - a general introduction about the Association, its aims etc followed by four sub-sections showing:

    *  Images from the last few dinners (Old Secundrians)
    *  Images from previous dinners and  (Old Secundrians)
   * Other OS items of general interest (Other OS items)

Sport - A general introduction to the role that sport played at the school followed by sub-sections on:
·   Soccer (Soccer)
·   Cricket (Cricket)
·   Athletics (Athletics)
·   Basketball (Basketball)
Rugby Union (Rugby)
·   Other Sport (Other Sport)

Evacuation  - Evacuation to Brockenhurst during World War II (Evacuation)

Music & Drama (Music and Drama) - an introduction to the important role that music and drama played in the life of the school (and indeed within the City of Portsmouth itself) followed by sub-sections on:

·  Drama images Pages 1-4 (Drama)
·  Music Images (Music)

Other Activities (Other Activities) - an introductory page followed by sub-sections on:

Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Pages 1, 2 (CCF)
*  Scout Troop & School Clubs (Scouts)

Do You Remember When...? -  a facility for former pupils and staff to include brief snippets of their memories of the school, its staff, pupils etc. Please feel free to include memories of anything that catches your fancy - humorous or otherwise (Remember When?)
Miscellaneous - information and memorabilia that does not readily fit into other parts of the website. NB This Section has now been split into several parts ; just go to the main section and then click on the links. (Miscellaneous)

Newsletters -
previous copies of Newsletters issued (by e-mail only). (Newsletters)

Contributors - acknowledgement of those who have contributed to the site through provision of memorabilia, reminiscences etc (Contributors)

Contacts Links to Old Secundrian Association contacts regarding membership, dinners, website etc. (Contacts)

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