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In order to improve the content of this site we rely upon information supplied by former staff and pupils of the school. We warmly welcome contributions in the form of written material, documentation and photographs for use on this site. We particularly welcome details of the names of pupils and staff appearing in images, feedback calling attention to missing details on any section as well as pointing out any inaccuracies. If you are able to contribute something please contact the webmaster. Remember, this is your site, the site is only as good as the contributions that are made to it.  We hope you will enjoy it - and ensure that others who may be interested are made aware of it.

We are keen to develop the alumni part of the site (see "Where are they now?" in the People Section) where Old Secundrians can record their own details. We also want to receive anecdotes (which will be censored!!) of memories of staff, pupils and events from the past.  Remember, the success of the site is dependent upon participation from the many rather than the few providing their details.

Contributions guidelines/Contributors

Set out below are guidelines for those who would like to contribute content to this website.

We are keen to receive accurate information including school documents, photographs and text (written in Word please) contributions.

If you are sending original documents or photographs of any kind please indicate if you want them returned (and be sure to include a return address - preferably with a SAE). 

School documentsThese can include, for example, event programmes in such things as drama, music, sport and Christmas carol services. Extracts of specific items of interest from the school magazine, The Secundrian, are also welcome. Before sending such items please contact the webmaster.


Photographs of any school event, of classes, teams, outings, as well as groups of former staff and/or pupils in more informal settings; but we do need at least some of the names of the individuals to be provided otherwise they become a bit nondescript. Digitised images sent in by email would be preferable .

Written contributions

In the case of written contributions it is preferable to provide content focused on a specific topic (eg Music, CCF, Cricket) rather than to provide a single document covering a range of topics. This helps facilitate comprehension for online readers. We maintain a general editorial oversight with a view to ensuring consistency and balance in contribution content. .


We welcome comments concerning the accuracy of what appears on the site as well as additions to detail in existing content.

We are particularly interested in receiving details of the names of individuals appearing in photographs - including teams.

Suggestions on content

The site is being built up on the basis of available information. We welcome suggestions for new sections focusing on specific topics. However, if you have a proposal please be prepared to contribute to its development.

Current Contributors

We are grateful to the following for contributing material to the site: Patrick Anderson,John Ayre, Tim Backhouse, David Bailey, Fred Baynham, Maurice Beales, John Beer, Clive Bielby, John Bishop, Brian Boland, David Boulter, John Bradley, Mervyn Broadbridge, David Brown, Derek Buckle, John Bull, George Burrans, Alan Caine, John Cannon, John Carrick, John Cave, Harry Chandler, Peter Coote, David Coppard, Alan Cowley, Philip Creighton, Eric Cuffley, Peter Downton, Colin Dowsett, Pat Drennan, Brian Dummer, Michael Dummer; Peter Dwerryhouse, Mike Edwards, Diane Francombe (for Maurice Pearce), Carole Freemantle (née Barkley), Brian Gant, John Gardner, John Gibbons, Philip Gooch, Maggie Goodger, David Griffiths, Stephen Guy, Simon Hackett, Gillian Hale (née Davies - Stan Davies' daughter), Ken Hales, Roger Harding, Greg Hassell, Stephen Helms, Michael Hicks, Peter Higgins, Jason Hill, Jennifer Hitchins, Adrian Hoare, Jack Hobbs, Keith Horner, Roy Houghton, Dennis James, Rick Jewell, Walter Johnston, David J. Jones, Robin Jones, Alan Keel, Geoff King, Peter Kingsnorth, Graham Laker, Tom Lambert, Tony Laurie, Chris Lewis, Dave Lewis, Grahame Lock, Peter Lover, Fred Martin, Peter May, Tom McCanna, Alasdair McFarlane, Janet McHugh, Stewart McIntyre, Hector McNeill, Nick Miller, Barry Mills, Victor Moore, George Mortimer, George Naylor, Brian Naysmith, Peter Neal, Jack O'Grady, David Palmer, Helen Palmer, Atul Patel, Steve Pawsey, Joe Pearce, Roger Phillips, Alf Pink, David Porter, John Powell, Mike Powell, Clive Press, Ken Priddy, Diana Rainsford, Ian Rawlings, Peter Rendle, Jack Restall, Tony Riley, Simon Roberts, John Roomes, Mark Rowland, Leonard Russell, Donald Sanders, Martin Saunders, John Shaw, Bruce Sharpe,Tim Skelton, Stan Slade, Brian Smith, Alan Songhurst, Ron Sonnet, John Soper, Robin Sutherland, Steve Stevenson, Mike Stewart, Jonathan Such, Nigel Surry, Richard Taylor, David Thwaites, Roger Tollervey, Keith Thomas, Trevor Toy, Ernest Tranter, Hilary Tranter,Chris Vincent (Snr), Chris Vincent (Jr), Dicky Waite, Gloria Waite, Richard Wall, Roger Watts, Alan Waudby, Derek Webb, Robert Webb, Terry Wheeler, Colin White, David Williams, Robin Woolven, Arthur (Roy) Wrapson, Martin Wrattan, Chris Wrein.