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The links above will take you to a wide variety of aspects of school life – ranging from pupils, staff and respect for former pupils who were lost in conflict in defence of their country. We have also introduced a new section entitled "Where are they now?" which provides the opportunity for former pupils and staff to record information about their careers, where they now reside etc. We look forward to receiving your details. Just forward the information (preferably in Word document format) to Bob Hawthorne and we will include on the site (subject to editorial control!).

Furthermore, if you wish to contact friends who you may not have seen for many years please let Bob Hawthorne and, if we have their details, we will forward your request to the individuals concerned. NB We cannot provide details directly to you. Alternatively, you can use the Message Board.

If you have more information or images that you think could usefully be added to the site please do pass it on to the webmaster.