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Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

We do not, as yet, have a general section which explains the role and importance of the CCF to school life but if you would like to contribute such a piece please send it to the Webmaster. However, we do have valued contributions in the form of recollections from Mike Evans and Nick Ratnieks ( particulary amusing - Ed ) which are reproduced below - just click on the links to open them.

Back Row: Cdt Cpl Rann Kearns Curtis Soper Cdt Sgt Soper Cdt CQMS Cairns Cdt L/Cpl Duncan Cdt L/Cpl Stibbon Cdt Sgt Humby Cdt Sgt Sanders Centre Row: Knight Pugh Reed Wallington Cdt CSM Barham Bender Burner Yates Brushwood Loveridge Riley Front Row: Lelliot (?) French Males Surry Major H W Cummins Capt A C D Ingram Cannon Bran (?) Kettle Harwood
Seated on ground: Ball Wratten

Standing: N/K, Cdt Cpl Cannon, N/K, Cdt L/Cpl Surry
Kneeling: N/K, Cdt L/Cpl Kearns (? )

Back row: Extreme left D Johns; 5th left ?C Morgan; 6th left F.Earl; 3rd right A. Laurie
Middle row: Extreme right G Turner
Front row: Extreme left D Littlefield  2nd M. Sedgewick, 8th A. Day, 9th B. Boland,

Back row: Baverstock, Hewitt, Donald Eldridge, Blenkinsop (? a nickname), ??, Stephen Helms
Front row: Dave Pocock, ??, Kirk?, Flt Lt Shimwell (also woodwork master), Ken Rowlands, ??

Back row: Stephen Helms, ??, Flt Lt Shimwell (also woodwork master), ??, ??,
Front row: ??, ??, ??, Pavey, Newman(?)