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Former Pupils

This Section contains images of and recollections by former pupils. If you have images or would like to write a short piece about your recollections  please send them to the Webmaster.

Left to right and back row to front row Moore. Rencourt. Priestley. G Nash. Lines. Gay. Broderick. B Parsons Morgan. Hostler. Langford. M Dancey. K Tout. D Thorns. Powell. E Sexton. G Allen R Woods. C Y Edwards. G Hayden. L Pallet. M Hill-Smith. K Jenner. D C Emery. Wright. M King.
Back row: G Fisher R Pritchard D Saunders P Higgenbottom R Cooper, P Edwards C Shinn Middle row: T Howard P Burton E McLeod D Matthews T Collis M Salmon D Verrier N Carter Front row: ? Green E Desmond A Nelson R Withers Mr Hickman B Smith D Copes D McLaren P Boorah
Back row - John Taylor: Dave Coppard: Ray Todd: Paul Reeves: Pete Gibbs: Chris Parke: Bill Taylor Middle row - Ray Turner: Roger Tollervey: John Creevy: ? Clements: Chris Bracher: Alf Pink: ? Murrey Front row - Geoff Heathcote: Dave Farrier: Ray Rowe: Paul Winsor: John Carrier: Peter Stock: John Batten: Dave McIntyre:Ken Jacobs