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Old Secundrians 1929 - Today

The Old Secundrians Association

The Old Secundrians Association consists of former pupils of the Portsmouth Southern Grammar School (and its predecessor names as recorded elsewhere). Membership, which is free, is open to all former pupils and staff – please contact the Membership Secretary for details. 

Despite the school having being closed for 40 years (as of 2015), membership currently stands at over 500 - ranging from those who joined in the 1930s to those who were there at the school’s closure. And it is increasing! That is surely testimony to the regard that so many pupils had for the school, the staff who taught there and the grounding that was given to form many a successful career – often from humble beginnings. So, if you are not currently a member we hope you will join us. Please also dig out that contacts book and encourage other former pupils to join. We look forward to hearing from you.

What are the Association’s aims?

The principal aims of the Association are to:

  • provide various means by which former pupils and staff may maintain contact with each other;
  • organise an annual dinner in the Portsmouth area, usually in early May, to which all members of the Association are invited. 
  • ad hoc informal year group meetings are also organized by members
  • preserve the memory of the school, its pupils, staff, traditions and values
  • develop a website through which the history of the school is recorded and which provides a point of reference for all   former pupils and staff. We aim to make the website participative and actively to encourage Association members to contribute   articles, images, information and autobiographical information
    preserve school artefacts through the good offices of the Portsmouth City Council archivist

History of the Association

The School took an increasing interest in its former pupils from a very early stage. For instance, there is recorded reference to the Old Boys Race at the 1907 Annual Sports event and in 1912 official records show that "the annual school outing returned to Holgate’s Farm at Seaview when a very pleasant feature was the presence of a number of Old Pupils who took the opportunity of keeping up their connection with the School". Furthermore, two social evenings were held in 1912. 

But after the First World War the comradeship between the Old Boys and the School (underlined by the success of the War Memorial Appeal – see Roll of Honour) led to a more formal organisation than had existed pre War. At a Christmas Reunion, held in 1919, those present unanimously requested the formation of an Association and an inaugural General Meeting was held in January 1920. The aims were to further the interests of the School and the promotion of good fellowship amongst those who had left while encouraging their social and educational advancement. The first Chairman was Mr Waite, the first Secretary Mr H. Levers and the first Treasurer, Mr Hore. 

The first Annual Dinner was held at Goodies Cafe on March 1st 1923 although the name Old Secundrians was not adopted until 1929.

Dinners & Past Events

Just follow the menu links for images and information about Association dinners and other previous events

How Can I Get More involved?

This website is produced for the benefit of all Old Secundrians but its continued development and interest is entirely dependent upon receipt of material developed not by one or two individuals but by a wide variety of contributors. We are keen to receive material (text, documents, images etc) which enhances any of the sections that currently exist; ideas for new sections; and alumni details from as many of you as possible – through which mechanism we hope to encourage yet more contact between former colleagues. So, get those old boxes of memorabilia out, that keyboard working and let us have your thoughts and ideas. Please see Contributors for guidelines and where to send material.

Who are the Association’s officers?

The Association is run by a small honorary Committee. It currently comprises:

- Martyn Robinson, Chairman
- Clive Williams Hon Secretary/Treasurer
- John Shaw
- Bob Hawthorne
- Chris Vincent
- Ken Hales


If you are a member of the Association and have changed your home or e-mail addresses or telephone number please remember to advise the Membership Secretary.
Remember, if you are currently not a member, the Membership Secretary looks forward to hearing from you (and other contacts that you may have!!) It’s free after all!